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Fort Blount (1) (1851-1858) - A settler blockhouse established in 1851 by Redding Blount in present day Bartow, Polk County, Florida. Probably abandoned as a fortification in 1858 at the end of the Third Seminole War. Also known as Redding Blount's Fort.

Fort Blount Site Marker Text
Fort Blount Approximate Location
Fort Blount (1) Site Marker in Fort Blount Park


Redding Blount and some 21 people including family, other settlers, and slaves arrived at present-day Bartow, Polk County in October 1851. A settler blockhouse was built for community protection by Redding Blount. The community was named Fort Blount after the fort but was later renamed Pease Creek until it was named Bartow in 1867. The blockhouse was probably abandoned as a fortification before the end of the Third Seminole War in 1858.

Current Status

No remains, on private property in Bartow, Polk County, Florida. The 1947 site marker is now in Fort Blount Park, dedicated in 2002.

Location: At the intersection of W. Main and Floral St. in Bartow, Polk County, Florida.

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Lat: 27.89661 Long: -81.845205

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