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Fort Blue Mounds (1832-1832) - A Black Hawk War Fort established in 1832 near Blue Mound, Iowa County, Wisconsin. Named Fort Blue Mounds after the location. Abandoned in 1832.

History of Fort Blue Mounds

Established on 10 May 1832 by Colonel Ebenezer Brigham. Captain William G. Aubrey was the first commander at the fort, he was killed by hostile Indians on 6 Jun 1832 and his first lieutenant, Edward Beouchard, took command. Captain John Sherman succeeded him.

The fort was built with 16' high sharpened picket walls about 150' in length on a side. Two 20' square blockhouses were place at two of the angles and a 30' by 20' log storehouse and barracks was located at the center of the fort.

The Hall sisters, who survived the Indian Creek massacre on 21 May 1832 and who were held captive for ransome, were released at Fort Blue Mound on 1 Jun 1832. In the days following their release, Captain William G. Aubrey was killed by hostile warriors on 6 June 1832 and Emerson Green and George Force were killed on 12 Jun 1832.

General Henry Dodge and Captain James H. Gentry arrived at Fort Blue Mounds on 24 Jun 1832 with a company of troops. General Dodge left a detachment at the fort but the fort was not threatened again.

Abandoned as a fortification at the end of the war later in 1832.

Current Status

Two markers, one roadside marker and one on-site marker. The roadside marker is a distance away from the actual site but is accessible to the public. The on-site marker is surrounded by privately owned land and permission should be obtained before viewing the marker.

Location: Blue Mound, Iowa County, Wisconsin.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.00553 Long: -89.82958

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