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Fort Boggy (1840-1841) - Established early in 1840 by Captain Thomas N. B. Greer, "Boggy and Trinity Rangers", as Fort Erwin, named after the settlement. The name was later changed to Fort Boggy after the nearby creek. Captain Greer was killed in 1841 and the fort was abandoned.

Fort Boggy History

The fort was 75 yards square, enclosed two, two story blockhouses, eleven dwellings and 75 people by the end of 1840. The Republic of Texas authorized the formation of a military company for the fort, led by Captain Thomas Greer, 1st Lt. Tom Middleton, 2nd Lt. Elisha Whitten, and Ensign John Byrns. The fort was abandoned by the settlers after Captain Greer was killed in 1841.

Current Status

The area around the fort is now Fort Boggy State Park and the site of the fort is identified by a marker.

Location: About 2.5 miles north of Leona, Leon County, Texas, in Fort Boggy State Park.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.1939 Long: -95.9829

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  • Elevation: 310'


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