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Fort Brady (1) (1864-1865) - A Union U.S. Civil War earthworks fort established in 1864 on the James River near Richmond in Henrico County, Virginia. Abandoned in 1865.

Fort Brady Earthworks
Fort Brady Well
Fort Brady Interior, Gun Battery on the Left, Bombproof on Right
Fort Brady Parrott Gun Emplacements 1865
Fort Brady Bombproof Magazine 1865

Fort Brady (1) History

Bombproof Magazine 1865

A Union U.S. Civil War earthworks fort established on the James River in October 1864 after the capture of Fort Harrison (4) by Union forces. This was an earthworks fort overlooking the James River with 10 gun emplacements and a central bombproof magazine. The fort was garrisoned by Company C, 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery.

The fort was frequently under fire from Confederate gun batteries across the James River. An attack on 23 Jan 1865 resulted in one gun knocked out of action and three men killed along with forty injured by flying splinters. Eleven Confederate gunboats were able to get by the fort in this action but they were turned back by the Union fleet down river. As the Confederate gunboats retreated back by Fort Brady the fort poured shells down on the fleet.

The fort was abandoned in April 1865 after the capture of Richmond.

Current Status

Map of Fort Brady Trail NPS

Part of Richmond National Battlefield Park, Henrico County, Virginia

Location: Richmond National Battlefield Park, Henrico County, Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.391302 Long: -77.3611628

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