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Fort Chebucto (1940-1950s) - A Canadian coastal defense fort established in 1943 during World War II at Chebucto Head in present day Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Abandoned in 1950s. Also known as Chebucto Head Battery.

History of Fort Chebucto

Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax. Two new outer defense gun batteries were built during World War II to counter the threat to Halifax Harbor of offshore bombardment by German Battleships. Devils Point Battery and Chebucto Head Battery were placed at the furthest east and west sides of the harbor entrance. Existing batteries at the time would have allowed the German Battleships to stand offshore and bombard Halifax out of range of those batteries. The 6" Mk 24 guns at Chebucto Head had a max range of 24,497 yards (13.92 miles) while the 9.2" Mk X guns at Devils Point had a range of 36,702 yards (20.9 miles) and these new batteries could engage any enemy ship or submarine before they came into range of Halifax. The 11" German battleship guns had a range of 38,276 yards (21.7 miles). Both of the new batteries were outgunned and outranged by any of the German battleships and being fixed targets would have not lasted very long without support from allied naval and air forces.

The Chebucto Head Battery was originally built as a World War II concrete coastal gun battery with three 6" Mark 24 guns on Mark 5 mounts. Construction began on the complex in the winter of 1940, construction difficulties delayed installation of the guns until the winter of 1941-42. A number of searchlight shelters lined the shore and other facilities included a BC/Fire Control Station and RDF station.

The battery remained active after the end of World War II until the 1950s when it was deactivated. The 6" guns were removed and shipped Portugal in 1956.

Current Status

Private property at Chebucto Head, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada. Some remains with private dwellings built on some of the battery emplacements.

Location: Chebucto Head, Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Lat: 44.501533 Long: -63.521297

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