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Fort Clark (15) (1832-1832) - A Black Hawk War Fort established in 1832 near Sublette, Adair County, Missouri. Named Fort Clark after General John B. Clark whose troops built the fort. Abandoned as an active fortification later in 1832 and it stood idle for many years. Also the site of Camp Collette.

The Actual Site of Fort Clark marked by a large boulder with a Plaque.


Fort Clark was built in the summer of 1832 as a defense during the Black Hawk War, The post was located on the Collett family farm near present-day Sublette in Adair County. It was constructed by troops under General John B. Clark.

The fort stood on high ground above and east of the Chariton River. The post was a triangular-shaped palisade of split oak logs, which had a blockhouse in each of its three angles. The blockhouses were used as quarters by the garrison and by nearby settlers in times of alarm.

According to local county histories, the fort stood for vacant for many years and was later used as a stable by the Colletts.

Current Status

A bronze plaque identifying the fort site was created by the DAR in 1925 and was mounted on a large boulder by Ira Collett. The plaque and boulder now reside in a prepared area near the site of the fort. No visible remains of the fort.

Access to this site is via First Settlement Trail, an unpaved road that winds through the area. If you come in from the north keep an eye out for a large covered readerboard on the right-hand side labeled "Early History of Adair County, MO". In the lower right-hand corner of this readerboard is a map of the immediate area showing all of the historic elements (reproduced below).

Fort Clark Plaque Text.
Fort Clark Area Map.

Location: First Settlement Trail, Sublette, Adair County, Missouri.

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Lat: 40.20833 Long: -92.68662

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  • Elevation: 878' Marker Elevation

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