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Fort Clyde (1) (1758-1788) - A French & Indian War era Fort and blockhouse established circa 1758 near the present day Village of Clyde in Wayne County, New York. Abandoned and burned down circa 1788. Also known as Clyde Blockhouse. Not to be confused with Fort Clyde (2) in Montgomery County.

French & Indian War

Probably established circa 1758 as a settler/traveler blockhouse and refuge from hostile Indians attacks during the French & Indian War. There was an earlier expedition in 1722 that also established a blockhouse on or near the same site.

The fort was said to have been built as a two-story log blockhouse, with the upper floor projected over the lower on all sides. The upper floor had gun ports along that part of the floor projecting over the outside of the lower floor. These gun ports could be used to place gunfire on attackers attempting to gain entrance below.

Fort Clyde was built on the north bank of the Clyde River, east of the mouth of Vanderbilt Creek on a rounded elevation that was leveled off in 1852. The community that was established around the fort site was first known as Lauraville and later became the Village of Clyde.

Revolutionary War

The fort building was used as a depot for storage of smuggled goods smuggled to and from Canada during the Revolutionary War. Following the war, it was used by smugglers to bring goods in from Canada. The government sent the Sheriff of Herkimer County, William Colbraith, and State Militia troops to clean out the smugglers and squatters in 1788 and in the process, the blockhouse was burned down.

Current Status

No remains of the original site. A reproduction erected in 1975-1976 is located at the intersection of Hwy 31 (E. Genesee St.) and Ford St. in Clyde, Wayne County, New York.

Location: Intersection of Hwy 31 (E. Genesee St.) and Ford St. in Clyde, Wayne County, New York. Map point is the site of the reproduction blockhouse and not the original site.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.08168 Long: -76.86683

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  • Elevation: 400' ~

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