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Fort Collier (1861-1865) - A U.S. Civil War post established in 1861 by Confederate forces in Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia. Named for Confederate Lieutenant Collier who supervised the construction. Abandoned in 1865.

Fort Collier Earthworks
Fort Collier Marker at the Point of the Redoubt
Fort Collier Rebuilt House and Museum


Fort Collier Earthworks Entrance

A Confederate earthworks built in a triangular shape around the Benjamin Stine house facing the approach to Winchester along the Martinsburg Turnpike and the Winchester Turnpike. The fort was constructed in 1861 as a part of the defenses of Winchester but remained un-tested until the Third Battle of Winchester on 19 Sep 1864. In that battle, the fort was attacked by a massive cavalry charge of six Union cavalry brigades led by Union General Wesley Merritt that overwhelmed the fort defenders and left no survivors inside the fort. The Stine house at the center of the earthworks was destroyed and the house that sits there now was built over the ruins of the Stine house in 1867.

Current Status

Fort Collier Roadside Marker

Several internal and external markers describing the fort and the events. The earthworks are visible and the house is open by appointment. Owned by Fort Collier Civil War Center, Inc., Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia.

Location: 922 Martinsburg Pike, Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.20145 Long: -78.15398

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