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Fort Colville (1859-1882) - A federal fort established upriver from the Hudson's Bay Company fort after the gold rush had started. It was originally known as Harney's Depot, followed by Camp Colville. (Do not confuse with Fort Colvile which was the Hudson's Bay Company fort located in the same area)

Fort Colville drawing, 1867 (University of Washington Archive)

History of Fort Colville

The U.S. Army responded to the request for a post in the vicinity of HBC's Fort Colvile to monitor the border and help prevent trouble between settlers and Indians. Two companies of the 9th U.S. Infantry, under the command of Major Pinkney Lugenbeel, arrived in the spring of 1859 to begin construction of Fort Colville, located about three miles east of the present town of Colville. Within four years, it encompassed forty-five buildings.


Current Status

Location: Located on Mill Creek a few miles north of Colville, Stevens County, Washington

Maps & Images

Lat: 48.57152 Long: -117.88389

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  • Elevation: 1940'




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