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Fort Coontz (1812-1815) - A War of 1812 settler fort established in 1812 near Cottleville, Cottleville County, Missouri. Named Fort Coontz after Colonel John Coontz and Nicholas Coontz. Abandoned as a fortification in 1815. Also known as Coontz Fort, Koontz Fort, Coonz Fort and Kountz Fort.


A settler fort which seems to have been erected about 1800; located along Boone's Lick Road, about eight miles west of St. Charles, Missouri. Built as a log structure by the Coontz brothers as a protection against Indian attacks. The misspelling of the name of the two brothers has resulted in misnaming the fort: even on the commemorative boulder marking the site, where it is spelled "Kountz".

After the close of the War of 1812 in 1815, the fort became a tavern.

Current Status

Marker only.

Location: Cottleville, Cottleville County, Missouri. Map point is the marker location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.74433 Long: -90.63809

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  • Elevation: 500'

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