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Fort Coote (1776-1780s) - Fort Coote was a Canadian Coastal Fort in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Established during the Revolutionary War to help protect the Halifax Navy Yard. Named for General Sir Eyre Coote, a career soldier in the East Indies (India). Deactivated in 1780s.

Fort Coote at the far left on a hill just north of the Navy Yard, near the foot of present-day North Street. In the distance is the Citadel (Fort George). View from Fort Needham.

History of Fort Coote

Part of the Harbor Defense of Halifax.

A 30' square blockhouse within a larger 90' square earthworks redoubt on Pedley's Hill. Three 24-pounders were mounted on the parapet of the earthwork facing the Navy Yard to protect it and also to cover the approaches to Fort Needham. Fort Coote could also accomodate some 20 men.

The fort was said to be located 143 yards north of the south side of North Street. The barracks at Fort Coote were reported to be still in use in 1784 housing 20 men. The hill on which the fort stood was later leveled in 1881-1882 to form a parade ground.

Current Status

No remains, hill was leveled in 1881-1882.

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Map point is approximate and may not be accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 44.66156 Long: -63.58953

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