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Fort Crevecoeur (2) (1680-1680) - A French Colonial Fort established by explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle in 1680 near present-day Creve Coeur, Illinois County, Illinois. Named Fort Crevecoeur after a Dutch stronghold that capitulated to the French in July 1672. Destroyed by mutineers and abandoned later in 1680.


La Salle and his lieutenant, Henri de Tonty established Fort Crevecoeur in January 1680, as the first white settlement in Illinois. The fort was located on a low knoll between two ravines on the east bank of the Illinois River near the present day town of Creve Coeur, Illinois. The two ravines formed a natural barrier and the knoll a good place for the fort structure.

The fort was fronted by a 25' stockade enclosing two barracks, a cabin for the priests, and a forge. La Salle and Tonti placed their tents in the center of the fort.

La Salle left with several men for his base at Fort Frontenac for supplies, leaving Tonty in charge of Fort Crevecoeur. During an absence of Tonty from the fort, the men at Fort Crevecoeur mutinied in April 1680. News of the mutiny reached La Salle by a message from Tonty who indicated that mutineers had wrecked the fort, pillaged its storehouse, and fled. The fort was later burned down by Illinois Indians.

La Salle himself was later assassinated by one of his own men on 19 Mar 1687 near present-day present Navasota, Texas. Henri de Tonty later returned to Illinois and built a new fort known as Fort St. Louis du Rocher and after that fort was abandoned he built Fort Pimitoui.

Current Status

Part of Fort Crevecoeur Park, includes a reproduction of the fort and a separate stone monument.

Location: Fort Crevecoeur Park, Creve Coeur, Illinois County, Illinois.

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