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Fort Crockett (1897-1953) - An Endicott Period Coastal Fort first established in 1897. Named in G.O. 43, 4 Apr 1900, after David Crockett, hero of the Alamo. Located on Galveston Island, Galveston County, Texas. Declared surplus and transferred to the GSA in 1953.

Fort Crockett Headquarters Building
Fort Crockett Barracks Buildings
Fort Crockett Aerial View circa 1932

Endicott Period (1890-1910)

Part of the Harbor Defense of Galveston.

Construction began on the three Endicott Period gun batteries in 1897 and the fort was first garrisoned by Battery G, 1st U.S. Artillery in 1898. The hurricane of 8 Sep 1900 severely damaged the island and the fort. The Army Corps of Engineers started restoration almost immediately, which was not completed, however, until 1906-07. Twenty-nine of the 129 soldiers housed at the fort lost their lives in that hurricane. In 1911 the Fort was re-garrisoned and the three refurbished gun batteries were accepted for service by the Coast Artillery, all on 21 Aug 1911.

In August 1915 Fort Crockett served as a place of refuge from another powerful storm: the nearby camp of the 3rd Infantry Brigade was covered by 18 feet of water and all four regiments of the brigade were compelled to take shelter in concrete structures here.

Fort Crockett Endicott Period Battery (edit list)
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No. Caliber Type Mount Service Years Notes
Battery Izard 8 12" Mortar 1897-1???-1911-1943 Destroyed
Battery Hampton 2 10" Disappearing 1897-1???-1911-1943 Destroyed
Battery Laval 2 3" Masking Parapet 1897-1???-1911-1920 Partly visible built into seawall
Source: CDSG
Fort Crockett Plan

World War I (1917-1918)

Fort Crockett served as a US Army artillery training center and replacement depot during World War I. At some point after, the fort served as an air base: in 1930 the 90th Attack Squadron of the U. S. Army Air Corps was stationed there.

Fort Crockett World War I Battery (edit list)
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No. Caliber Type Mount Service Years Notes
Battery Hoskins 2 12" Casemated Barbette 1917-1921-1921-1946 Casemated in World War II
Completed 20 Aug 1944
Source: CDSG

World War II (1941-1945)

Fort Crockett's coastal gun batteries were upgraded during World War II with the major improvement being the casemate of the 12" guns of Battery Hoskins. The casemate of Battery Hoskins began in 1942 and was completed in 1943 under strict security. The urgency of the project was brought about by German Submarines operating in the Gulf of Mexico along the shipping lanes off Texas. Radar and anti-aircraft guns were added to the post along with numerous fire control stations.

Starting in 1943 Fort Crockett was a prisoner of war camp that housed a total of 650 POWs. The camp encompassed the area from 53rd Street to 57th Street and from Avenue Q to Seawall Boulevard. The camp operated until Fort Crockett was deactivated in 1946.

Current Status

Mostly over built with commercial development, some emplacements can still be seen. No period guns or carriages in place.

Location: Galveston Island, Galveston County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 29.2745877 Long: -94.8126367

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