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Fort Croghan (1) (1849–1855) - Established initially as Camp Croghan on 18 Mar 1849 by Lt. C. H. Tyler, Company A, 2nd U.S. Dragoons, and named for Col. George Croghan. The camp was moved from the original site to a location just west of Burnet, Texas, in Oct 1849, renamed Camp Hamilton and finally named Fort Croghan. The fort was abandoned in 1855 as the frontier moved further west. Also known as Camp Croghan and Camp Hamilton (1).

Plan of Fort Croghan
Restored original Fort Croghan powder house


The fort was one of 8 established after the Mexican War along the then western frontier. These forts were built under the command of Gen. George Mercer Brooke and served to establish Federal authority along the frontier. The forts were Fort Inge (1849-1869), Fort Lincoln (1) (1849-1852), Fort Martin Scott (1848-1866), Fort Croghan (1) (1849–1855), Fort Gates (1849-1852), Fort Graham (1849-1853), and Fort Worth (1849-1853).

The first fort site was occupied by a group of Texas Rangers under Henry E. McCulloch when Lt. Tyler Image: Fort Croghan chose the site for the Federal post on 13 March 1849. The site officially became a Federal camp on 18 March 1849 and McCulloch was relieved. In October of 1849, the camp was moved across Hamilton Creek, three miles above the first site to its current location.

The fort was constructed as a two company fort with four, two-room officer's quarters, seven barracks for enlisted troops, laundress quarters, a commissary store, kitchens, an adjutant's office, a sutler's store, a hospital and stables for the horses. Two roads intersected at the camp, one to Austin (50 miles away) and one to Fort Gates (65 miles away). In Oct 1849 Company C, 8th U.S. Infantry (mounted) arrived to join Company A, 2nd U.S. Dragoons in manning the fort. Fort Croghan became the Headquarters of the 2nd U.S. Dragoons in 1852. In 1853 the frontier had moved further west and the second line of forts was constructed to protect the new frontier. Troop reductions started in 1853 and by Dec 1855 Fort Groghan was abandoned.

Current Status

Fort Croghan Historical Site is located in Burnet, Texas and operated by the Burnet County Historical Commission and the Burnet County Heritage Society. The site contains reconstructions of period buildings and one reconstructed original building.

Location: Fort Croghan Historical Site is located just west of Burnett,
Burnet County, Texas on Hwy 29.

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Lat: 30.756948 Long: -98.237584

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  • Elevation: 1360'

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