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Fort Daer (1812-1822) - A Hudson's Bay Company fur trading fort established in 1812 near present day Pembina, Pembina County, North Dakota. Named Fort Daer after Dunbar James Douglas, the Sixth Earl of Selkirk (1809-1885), eldest son of Lord Selkirk who also held the title Lord Daer. Abandoned in 1822.

Fort Daer Marker Text.
Pembina Forts Marker.
Fort Panbian and Fort Daer Site Marker.

History of Fort Daer

The Red River at Pembina.

A Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) fur trading post established in September 1812 by Captain Miles Macdonell, agent for Lord Selkirk and his Red River Colony. This trading post was located on the south side of the Pembina River where it enters the Red River just below the present day U.S.-Canada Border.

The competing North West Company (NWC) had earlier built Fort Henry in 1801 on the north bank of the Pembina River. Conflict between the two posts resulted in a raid on the HBC post in 1816 by the Nor'Westers at Fort Henry who occupied the post for a few months.

Soon after the consolidation of the HBC and the NWC in 1821 under the Hudson's Bay Company name and the determination that Fort Daer was in American territory, the fort was abandoned.

Current Status

The site is a part of Fort Daer Recreation Area and Pembina State Park. No visible identified remains and the area is heavily overbuilt with a protective levee system. There are a couple of markers and signs and the nearby Pembina Visitor Center has information on all of the forts established near Pembina.

Location: Pembina, Pembina County, North Dakota. Map point is approximate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 48.96551 Long: -97.24059

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  • Elevation: 780'

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