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Fort Davenport (1839-1839) - A Seminole War II Fort established in 1839 near Loughman, Osceola County, Florida. Named Fort Davenport after Colonel William Davenport. Abandoned in 1839.

Fort Davenport 1839. Drawing by Robert Buchanan.


One of a line of forts between Tampa (Fort Brooke) and Sanford (Fort Mellon). Fort Davenport was situated on Reedy Creek opposite the mouth of Davenport Creek, two miles northeast of Loughman and one mile north of the Polk County line in Osceola County.

The post was originally established on 9 Jan 1839 on Order No. 25, G.Q. Second Infantry, dated 9 Feb 1839, a month later on 9 Feb 1839, elements of the 3rd Artillery and the 2nd Dragoons, commanded by 1st Lieutenant Francis O. Wyse, (Cullum 933), 3rd Artillery, garrisoned the post, with Colonel William Davenport in overall command.

The Fort was described in the post returns as "consist of a picketing enclosure 80 feet square with two blockhouses on diagonal corners. The upper stories of the blockhouses are used as quarters and a portion of the lower stories are storehouses..."

Fort Davenport was abandoned 1 Nov 1839.

Current Status

The site is believed to be near the Walt Disney World Resort but changes in the landscape make it difficult to identify a specific location from a written description.

Location: Near Loughman, Osceola County, Florida.

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Lat: 28.28600 Long: -81.57711

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