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Fort Decatur (1855-185?) - A two story blockhouse garrisoned by Marines from the USS Decatur during the siege of Seattle in 1856 during the Yakima Indian War. Located in present day Seattle, King County, Washington. Also known as Seattle Blockhouse.

Fort Decatur during Battle of Seattle, painting, 26 Jan 1856 (University of Washington Archive)
Plan of Seattle 1855-1856

History of Fort Decatur

Built for protection from hostile Indians on the north end of the Seattle settlement during the Yakima Indian War (1855-1856). This was a two story log blockhouse, 25 by 40 feet and 14 feet high, armed with two 9 pounder cannons from the U.S.S. Decatur. During the siege of Seattle on 26 Jan 1856, it was garrisoned by Marines from the U.S.S. Decatur who were attacked by a large number of hostile Indians. The siege was unsuccessful but the threat of a larger force of hostile Indians caused the settlers to build a second blockhouse on the south side and connect these two blockhouse with a series of breastworks and stockades. This second blockhouse was known as Fort Duwamish. No further attacks occurred.

Current Status

Marker located in a Seattle City park. This park was populated at the time of our visit with several hundred indigents and far too dangerous to explore.

Location: Site located at 1st Avenue and Cherry Street in Seattle, King County, Washington. Marker at 3rd Avenue and Jefferson Street, Seattle.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.6026 Long: -122.33423

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Visited: 23 Aug 2015 Area

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