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Fort Delancey (1776-1782) - A Patriot Revolutionary War fortification established as Bergen Neck Fort in 1776 in Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey. Abandoned by Patriot forces on 5 Oct 1776 and probably was not used by either combatant until sometime in 1777. Named Fort Delancey by the British after Oliver DeLancey who was noted loyalist in New York. Became headquarters for the Tory raiders and woodcutters (known as the "Refugees") who plundered the countryside. Abandoned and destroyed by the "Refugees" in 1782. Also known as Refugee Post on Bergen Neck.

History of Fort Delancey

A Patriot Revolutionary War fortification established in July 1776 in present day Bayonne, New Jersey. The fort was located along the main stage and post road that ran from Bergentown to Bergen Point when it was thought that this might be the route of the pending British invasion of New York City. The invasion was launched from Long Island instead and Bergen Neck Fort was abandoned on October 5, 1776, as part of the Patriots' evacuation.

The fort was used intermittently by British troops and at some point became known as Fort Delancey. Under British control the fort became headquarters for Tory raiders and woodcutters who were known as the "Refugees". The "Refugees" plundered the countryside and terrorized the inhabitants.

In 1780-82 the Patriots launched several attacks on Fort Delancey but the garrison was strong enough to repel the attacks. As the war turned against the British the fort was abandoned and destroyed by the "Refugees" in September 1782. On 5 Oct 1782 the "Refugees" sailed to a new home in Nova Scotia.

Current Status

No remains, marker missing. Said to have been located on a site now bounded by B & C Avenues and 51st & 52 Streets.

Location: Bayonne, Hudson County, New Jersey.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.68604 Long: -74.1046

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