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Fort Denaud (1838-1842, 1855-1858) - A U.S. Army post established in 1837 during the Second Seminole War by Captain Benjamin L.E. Bonneville, 7th U.S. Infantry, in present day Hendry County, Florida. Named for the landowner Pierre Denaud. Abandoned in 1858. Also known as Fort Deynaud.


A U.S. Army post established on the Caloosahatchie River in 1837 by Captain Benjamin L.E. Bonneville, 7th U.S. Infantry during Second Seminole War. The fort was built as a blockhouse surrounded by tent quarters. The post was abandoned in May 1838, reoccupied in 1840-1841 and abandoned again by 1842 at the end of the war. Fort Denaud was reactivated on 22 Jan 1855 during the Third Seminole War but was abandoned 28 May 1855 because of river flooding and disease. A new Fort Denaud was established on a new site in February 1857 by Captain John A. Brown, 4th U.S. Artillery on the opposite bank of the river. The new post was abandoned on 16 May 1858.

Current Status

Marker only located at the swing bridge, Hendry County, Florida

Location: Hendry County, Florida. Fort map point is not accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 26.7439 Long: -81.5104

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Visited: No

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