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Fort Deposit (3) (1813-1819) - A Creek Indian War Fort established in 1813 near the present day Town of Fort Deposit, Lowndes County, Alabama. Abandoned as a fortification about 1819.

Fort Deposit Marker

History of Fort Deposit

Established in December 1813 by General Ferdinand J. Claiborne at the direction of General Andrew Jackson. Built as a supply depot during the Creek Indian War, it served as a base of operations for General Claiborne's troops during the Battle of the Holy Ground, the Redstick Creek stronghold. After the Creek Indian defeat at the Holy Ground on 23 Dec 1813, the fort continued to be used until the end of hostilities and thereafter as a settler refuge from sporadic Indian attacks.

The fort was built between 20-22 Dec 1813 and the U.S. Army left the place on 27 Dec 1813, just 8 days of use by General Claiborn's troops.

A serious outbreak of hostilities occurred in 1818 and the fort was used during that period by militia forces. Abandoned as a fortification about 1819.

Current Status

Marker located in front of the municipal complex on Old Fort Road. Site of the fort is said to be just northeast of the Myrtlewood Cemetery. The exact site could not be located but is said still to contain evidence of the old fort.

Location: Town of Fort Deposit, Lowndes County, Alabama. Map point is the marker location at the city complex.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.9865 Long: -86.58268

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  • Elevation:.....'

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