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Fort Des Sables (1717-Unk) - A stockaded French fur trading post established in 1717 by Louis Thomas Joncaire near present day Sea Breeze, Monroe County, New York. Named Fort Des Sables, "fort of the sands." Abandoned in Unk.

Fort Des Sables Marker Locale on Culver Street.

History of Fort Des Sables

Established in 1717 as a stockaded French fur trading post for trade with the Seneca Indians, one of the five Iroquois Indian Nations. It was located on the Lake Ontario Shore at the entrance to Irondequiot Bay. The post was built by a Frenchman, Louis Thomas Joncaire, who was an interpreter and negotiator. Joncaire had been captured by the Seneca at age 17 and had lived among them until 1694 when he was released. His understanding of the Iroquois language, culture and customs proved to be a great help in reestablishing the French fur trade after the disastrous wars between 1680 and 1700.

Abandoned in Unk.

Current Status

Marker and mention made on interpretive panel. The actual site has been destroyed by the construction of Culver Street.

Location: Culver Street, Sea Breeze, Monroe County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 43.23485 Long: -77.54245

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