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Fort Deshler (1760-Unk) - A French & Indian War era stone fortified house/blockhouse established in 1760 near present day Egypt, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Named after Adam Deshler who built the fort. Abandoned as a fortification after the end of hostilities but the building survived until the 1940s. Also known as Deshler's Fort.

Fort Deshler

History of Fort Deshler

Fort Deshler Side View.

This stone settler fort/blockhouse was built in 1760 by Adam Deshler who was a Swiss emigrant. The building was a substantal stone dwelling, two full stories tall with an attic living space. Adjoining Deshler's fort on the north side was a large frame building, built to quarter 20 soldiers and store military supplies. Deshler was employed by the Provincial government to furnish supplies to the soldiers.

On 9 Oct 1863, an attack by about twenty hostile Indians on settlers in the local area resulted in about twenty-three dead and many seriously wounded. Many of the dead and wounded were also scalped, including men, women and children. Survivors rushed to warn others and sought safety at Fort Deshler where twenty men under arms had been assembled. The hostile Indians then left the area.

The fort could have been used as a settler refuge through the French & Indian War and perhaps into the Revolutionary War time.

The stone house stood until about 1940.

Current Status

Ruins and a marker.

Location: Egypt, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.672 Long: -75.52

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