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Fort Dickinson (1756-176?) - A French & Indian War defense established in 1756 by the Virginia Colonial Militia on the Cowpasture River in Bath County, Virginia. Abandoned in 176?.

Fort Dickinson Marker
Cowpasture River from Fort Dickinson Marker
Fort Dickinson Marker Locale


A French & Indian War defense established in 1756 under the direction of Colonel George Washington. This post was one of a chain of defenses along the western frontier established by Colonel Washington to counter the French and their Indian allies. This post was garrisoned by some 40 men and was unsuccessfully attacked by hostile Indians in 1756 and 1757. One of the forts inspected by Colonel George Washington on his 1755-1756 inspection trip.

Current Status

Marker KB-75 only, exact site unknown, located on private property, Bath County, Virginia. East of the intersection of Hwy 42 and Boones Trail Rd.

Location: Private Property, Bath County, Virginia. map point is marker KB-75 location on Hwy 42

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.972346 Long: -79.66165

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