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Fort Dilts (1864-1864) - A immigrant wagon train defense established in 1864 during an Indian attack on a wagon train in Bowman County, North Dakota. The attack lasted for 14 days during which the settlers built a sod breastwork while awaiting a relief. Named for Jefferson Dilts, the wagon train scout who was killed during the attack. Abandoned in 1864.

Fort Dilts Monument.
Fort Dilts Reader Boards.
Fort Dilts Site and Monument.

Current Status

Monument Back Showing the Pertrified Wood.

Part of the Fort Dilts State Historic Site. Traces remain at the site including grave markers, wagon ruts, and remains of a sod wall. in Bowman County, North Dakota. The very handsome monument is made from petrified wood.

Location: Fort Dilts State Historic Site, Bowman County, North Dakota.

Maps & Images

Lat: 46.2787202 Long: -103.7762064

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  • Elevation: 3094'



Visited: 17 Jun 2020

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