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Fort Dinwiddie (1) (1755-1789) - First established in 1755 around the house of William Warwick during the French & Indian War. Named after Virginia Governor Robert Dinwiddie. Abandoned in 1789. Also known as Warwick's Fort, Hogg's Fort and Byrd's Fort.

Fort Dinwiddie Marker 5-Q
Fort Dinwiddie Gate Sign
Fort Dinwiddie Marker Locale

French & Indian War (1754-1763)

A French & Indian War defense located on the Jackson River, five miles west of Warm Springs, Virginia. Originally the house of William Warwick. The fort was garrisoned by 60 to 100 men in 1756. Visited by George Washington in 1775. Remained a fortification as late as 1789.

Current Status

Marker 5-Q only.

Location: Marker at intersection of Hwy 39 and Dinwiddie Trail in Bath County, Virginia. Map point is marker location.

Maps & Images

Lat: 38.08125 Long: -79.844787



Visited: 9 Apr 2012

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