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Fort Dunvegan (1805-1918) - A North West Company (NWC) fur trading post and fort first established in 1805 at present-day Dunvegan, Alberta, Canada. Taken over by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) in 1822. Briefly shut down in 1825 - 1828. Abandoned in 1918.

Fort Dunvegan


In 1793, Alexander Mackenzie passed by the site during his journey to the Pacific and made note of the fertile land and the timber. Archibald Norman McLeod founded the trading post at Dunvegan in 1805 and named it for his family's ancestral home, Dunvegan Castle. Between 1805 and 1821, the NWC and the HBC competed for the trade along the Peace River. In 1821, the two companies merged into Hudson's Bay Company.

After the reorganization of the HBC under George Simpson, Dunvegan became a profitable fur trade post. In addition to acquiring furs, the post also farmed the land to grow grains and vegetables for local use and export to other posts.

In 1878, Dunvegan became the new headquarters for the HBCs Athabasca District and the post was improved. In 1886, the HBC reconsidered and moved the headquarters of the district to Lesser Slave Lake. As the fur trade diminished in the late 1800s, the post became less viable. In 1918, the HBC closed Fort Dunvegan.

Current Status

Part of Historic Dunvegan Alberta Provincial Park. Four original, authentically restored and furnished buildings are still located in the same places they were over 100 years ago. The Visitor Centre is open every summer. Tours are offered during this time.

Location: Dunvegan, Alberta, Canada.

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Lat: 55.92286 Long: -118.59828

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