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Fort Fairmont (1862-1864) - A Sioux War of 1862 settler refuge Fort established in September 1862 in Fairmont, Martin, Minnesota. Named Fort Fairmont after the town of Fairmont. Abandoned near the end of hostilities circa 1864. Also known as Chain of Lakes Post

Fort Fairmont DAR Marker Stone.
Fort Fairmont Readerboard.
Site of Fort Fairmont at present day Martin County Courthouse in Fairmont, Minnesota.


Fort Fairmont was built in September 1862 by settlers as a defense against hostile Sioux Indians. The substantial log stockade was garrisoned by volunteers and later by troops from Company A of the 25th Wisconsin under Major Jeremiah M. Rusk.

Abandoned as a fortification at the end of hostilities circa 1864.

Current Status

The site of Fort Fairmont is marked by a 1926 DAR Plaque affixed to a boulder at the Southeast corner of the Martin County Courthouse in Fairmont. A readerboard is located nearby along Lake Avenue between the Courthouse and the County Sheriff's Office.

Location: Fairmont, Martin, Minnesota.

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Lat: 43.652931 Long: -94.464653

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