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Fort Fireman (1814-1815) - An American War of 1812 Fort established in 1814 in present day Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. Abandoned as a fortification in 1815 at the end of the war. Also known as Redoubt Fireman.

Brooklyn Defenses, Fort Fireman in the Lower Center.

History of Fort Fireman

Established in 1814 near the site of the Patriot Revolutionary War Fort Box. Built as a small square earthworks fort mounting 12-pounder cannon.

This fortification was established, along with many others, in response to the threat of British invasion and subsequent burning of Washington DC on 24 Aug 1814. The british attack was in retaliation for the American raids into Canada. The ease with which the British took Washington alarmed New Yorkers who thought they would soon be next and they redoubled their efforts on the defenses. The Mayor of New York, DeWitt Clinton mobilized thousands of city residents and organization them into construction gangs and built fortifications all around the city, including across the river in Brooklyn. Presumably Fort Fireman was built with the labors of firemen who volunteered for the construction battalions.

Abandoned as a fortification in 1815 at the end of the war.

Current Status

No remains. Reportedly located in the block bounded by Nevins Street, Atlantic Avenue, Bond Street and Pacific Street in Brooklyn.

Location: Brooklyn, Kings County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.68616 Long: -73.98384

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