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Fort Fraser (3) (1806-1915) - A North West Company trading post/fort first established in 1806 on the edge of Lake Fraser near the present day town of Fort Fraser, British Columbia. Named after the explorer Simon Fraser who established the site in 1806. Became a Hudson's Bay Company post when the two companies merged in 1821. Abandoned in 1915. Also known as Simon Fraser's Fort and Fraser Lake Post.

Fort Fraser Marker Commemorating Simon Fraser's Founding Visit in 1806
House/Barn at Fort Fraser Site
Fort Fraser Site Sign

Current Status

Fraser Lake at the Site of Fort Fraser

Well marked site in Beaumont Provincial Park, British Columbia. A small roadside marker in the park commemorates Simon Fraser's founding visit to the site in 1806. A much larger interpretive sign is located further in the park at the site of the fort and a well defined path leads to the lake's edge. A squared log house/barn is on site but of uncertain origin.

Location: Beaumont Provincial Park, British Columbia. The "F" fort map marker is the location of the site interpretive sign while the "M" map marker is the location of the Simon Fraser commemorative marker.

Maps & Images

Lat: 54.05906 Long: -124.619937

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  • Elevation: 2,198'

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