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Fort Fred Steele (1868-1886) - Established 30 Jun 1868 by Maj. Richard I. Dodge (Cullum 1387), 30th U.S. Infantry in Carbon County, Wyoming. Named for Colonel Frederick Steele (Cullum 1196), 20th U.S. Infantry. Abandoned 3 Nov 1886 after being transferred to the Interior Department 9 Aug 1886.

Fort Fred Steele 1881 Powder Magazine.
Fort Fred Steele Officers Quarters Ruins.
Fort Fred Steele in 1868.


Fort Fred Steele Plan
Fort Fred Steele Reconstructed Traders Post
Fort Fred Steele Enlisted Quarters Ruins
Fort Fred Steele State Marker.
Fort Fred Steele Railroad Bridge at the Fort.

One of three military forts designed to protect the Union Pacific Railroad route through Wyoming. Fort Fred Steele was established at a strategic point where the railroad crossed the North Platte River.

Original military structures at Fort Steele included a commanding officer's quarters, officers quarters, two large warehouses, a powder magazine, two enlisted barracks and a number of smaller structures.

After the post closed in 1886 a small community grew up in and around the abandoned fort. In 1922 the transcontinental Lincoln Highway was routed right along the edge of the fort but it was rerouted in 1939 and the town faded away.

Current Status

Fort Fred Steele Entrance Sign.
Fort Fred Steele Information Kiosk.

Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site. An 1881 Powder Magazine is one of the few remaining original buildings but a reconstructed traders post is under construction presumably for use as a visitor's center. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places 16 Apr 1969.

Location: West of Rawlins, Carbon County, Wyoming,
14 miles on I80 to exit 228 and then North on Hwy 347 2.5 miles.

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Lat: 41.778561 Long: -106.94742

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  • Elevation: 6513'

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