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Fort Frederick (5) (1676-1789) - A Colonial Fort established in 1676 in Albany, Albany County, New York. Replaced the earlier Fort Albany and was replaced itself by a masonry fort in 1704. Abandoned and demolished by 1789 after the end of the Revolutionary War. Also known as Fort Anne and The Fort at Albany.

Fort Frederick Marker at the New York State Capitol in Albany.


Established in 1676 to replace Fort Albany. This fort was built of wood, with four sides and bastions located at the angles. It was enclosed by a ditch and located on the west side of the Albany. The site of the fort was halfway up the hill on present day State Street, with the northeast bastion on present-day Lodge Street.

This fort was replaced with a larger stone fort, built between 1702 and 1704, that remained in service through the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War. The new stone fort mounted 21 heavy cannons and enclosed the officer's quarters and enlisted barracks of the garrison.

Two years after the end of the Revolutionary War the fort was gradually demolished; the materials were used in church and road construction. Abandoned by 1789.

Current Status

No remains, marker located in front of the New York State Capitol.

Location: Albany, Albany County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.65049 Long: -73.75405

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