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Fort Frederick (7) (1731-1758) - A Colonial-era Fort established in 1731 after the Yamasee War near Port Royal, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Named Fort Frederick after then Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751). Abandoned about 1758. Also known as Fort Prince Frederick.

Fort Frederick Monument.
Fort Frederick West Wall.
Fort Frederick Southwest Corner.


A new fort to be located along the Beaufort River was authorized for Port Royal after the Yamasee War (1715-1717). Named Fort Frederick, it was completed in 1734. Built as one of South Carolina's early "Tabby" structures. Tabby is a concrete-like material containing oyster shells, lime, and sand. The fort was a small 75-foot by 125-foot affair with 5-foot tabby walls enclosing barracks, a powder magazine, and gun platforms. The open riverside had a parapet with a battery of guns commanding the river.

The post was garrisoned by British Regulars who were transferred to Fort Frederica in Georgia by 1736. Provincial scout boats were posted here intermittently but the fort was never attacked and fell into disuse and disrepair and was effectively abandoned by 1758

A stronger Fort Lyttleton was constructed in 1758, further up river and the Fort Frederick site was deserted.

Camp Saxton (1862-1863)

Camp Saxton Marker Side 1.
Camp Saxton Marker Side 2.
Camp Saxton Site, Fort Frederick is just over the rise at the water's edge.
Camp Saxton in 1863.

In 1862 during the U.S. Civil War the property was used as headquarters of Union Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higginson and a regiment of black soldiers. The camp was given the name Camp Saxton after Union General Rufus Saxton, who commanded the Beaufort District.

Current Status

The riverside of the original fort is gone and the remains are under the Beaufort River. The walls of the other three sides are the only visible remains of the fort. The walls are approximately 5' 8" thick and 3-4' high. Listed in the National Register December 31, 1974.

Access to this site is restricted by its location and ownership. Ownership of the site was transferred to the State of South Carolina in 1997, it now lies outside the fenced area of the Naval Hospital on a key lot that appears not to be a part of the hospital grounds.

The site and the monument can be photographed through the fence from the Hospital grounds.

The site of Camp Saxton is on the Hospital side of the fence and can be accesses through the Navy Hospital grounds. Marker only.

Location: Port Royal, Beaufort County, South Carolina.

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