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Fort Galphin (1760-1781) - A trading post and brick home established in 1760 on Silver Bluff in Aiken County, South Carolina. Named Fort Galphin after George Galphin, owner of the property. Abandoned in 1781. Also known by the British as Fort Dreadnought.

History of Fort Galphin

Established in 1752 by George Galphin as trading post and brick home later palisaded in 1760 to protect against hostile Cherokee attacks. Taken over by the British in 1780 during the Revolutionary War and renamed Fort Dreadnought. Recaptured on 21 May 1771 by Patriots under Lieutenant Colonel Henry Lee III, (Light-Horse Harry), and Brigadier General Andrew Pickens who captured 126 British prisoners and badly needed military stores. Abandoned in 1781.

Current Status

Archeological remains, no markers.

Location: Silver Bluff, Aiken County, South Carolina.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.31214 Long: -81.8556

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