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Fort Gates (1849-1852) - A U.S. Army post initially established as Camp Gates 26 Oct 1849 by by Captain William R. Montgomery and named for Bvt. Major Collinson Reed Gates for distinction in the Mexican War. Abandoned in March 1852 as the frontier moved further west.

Fort Gates History

The fort was one of 8 established after the Mexican War along the then western frontier. These forts were built under the command of Gen. George Mercer Brooke and served to establish Federal authority along the frontier. The forts were Fort Inge (1849-1869), Fort Lincoln (1) (1849-1852), Fort Martin Scott (1848-1866), Fort Croghan (1) (1849–1855), Fort Gates (1849-1852), Fort Graham (1849-1853), and Fort Worth (1849-1853).

The fort was established to protect settlers against hostile Indians. Fort Gates was constructed as a 2 company fort and housed up to 245 enlisted men and 45 officers.

Commanding Officers

Current Status

Location: About 2 miles east of Fort Gates, Coryell County, Texas on Old Fort Gates Road.

Maps & Images

Lat: 31.3907 Long: -97.6836

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  • Elevation: 750'



Visited: No

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