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Fort George (10) (1736-1740) - A British colonial fort established in 1736 by Georgia Governor and General James Oglethorpe, on present-day Fort George Island in Duval County, Florida. The original fort was rebuilt in 1740 and abandoned the same year. Also known as Fort St. George (1)

Fort George Island Marker Front
Fort George Island Marker Reverse


General James Oglethorpe established Fort George in preparation for his unsuccessful assaults on the Spanish garrison at Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. The fort was an earthwork with a palisade situated somewhere near Mt. Cornelia on Fort George Island. Cannon were emplaced facing the southern shore of the St. Johns River covering the mouth of that river. The post was abandoned after the failure of the siege of St. Augustine during July and August of 1740.

Current Status

The exact site is unknown but thought to be near Mt. Cornelia on Fort George Island, Duval County, Florida. The map point is not accurate.

Location: Fort George Island, Duval County, Florida.

Maps & Images

Lat: 30.43173 Long: -81.42441

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