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Fort George (16) (1792-1800) - A North West Company fur trading post established by Angus Shaw in 1792 near present day Elk Point, Alberta, Canada. The Hudson's Bay Company Buckingham House was established nearby. Abandoned in 1800.

Fort GeorgeBastion Outline
Fort George Building Outline and Monument
Fort George Site
Fort George Plan from Park Sign

History of Fort George (16)

Established in 1792 by Angus Shaw of the North West Company (NWC) as a large fur trading post. The post was situated on a high bluff overlooking the North Saskatchewan River near present day Elk Point. Shortly after the post was established the Hudson's Bay Company established a competing trading post called Buckingham House just a few hundred yards away. Fort George was always the larger of the two posts with some 60 men and their families while Buckingham House had about 38 men and their families. The two posts shared a water supply (well) and came together when a common defense was required. There was a fierce competition for the fur trade.

The competition for beaver pelts caused a drastic decline in the local beaver population and in 1800 both posts were abandoned and moved further upriver where the beaver still thrived. Fort George moved to Fort de L'Isle on present day Fort Island in the middle of the North Saskatchewan River.

Current Status

Fort George Monument

Fort George and Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site near Elk Point, Alberta. The Fort George site is interpreted with poles indicating the palisade corners and gates. Major buildings are outlined with timbers and built up corners. No replica buildings. Lots of interpretive signage and a monument. Excellent visitor center. Admission charge includes both sites.

Location: near Elk Point, Alberta, Canada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 53.86385 Long: -110.76098

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