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Fort Green FAA Radar Site (1998-Active) - A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Long Range Radar (LRR) site first established circa 1998 near Fort Green, Polk County, Florida. The site is used to identify and track military and civilian aircraft movements within a 200-mile radius and to provide air-ground radio communication with those aircraft. Assigned a JSS ID of J-09A, and an FAA ID of FN7. Active FAA Radar Site.

Fort Green FAA Radar Site.


This site became an FAA radar site circa 1998, furnishing radar track data to the FAA ARTCCs and to USAF Direction Centers. Replaced the Fort Lonesome FAA Radar Site some 10 miles to the southwest. The primary search radar is an ARSR-4 while the secondary radar at this site is a ATCBI-6M Beacon set.

The radar site data is now available to the USAF/NORAD Battle Control System-Fixed (BCS-F) operations centers (EADS & WADS) as well as the FAA Miami ARTCC (ZMA) and adjacent ARTCCs. Other federal agencies have access to the data under the Homeland Security umbrella.

Fort Green FAA Site Major Equipment List
Search Radar Height Radar Data Systems IFF/SIF/Beacon

Current Status

Active FAA facility in Polk County, near the town of Fort Green, Florida.

Location: 9800 Radar Rd, Mulberry, FL 33860.

Maps & Images

Lat: 27.70056 Long: -82.00694

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  • Elevation: 136'

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