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Fort Grierson (1780-1781) - A British Revolutionary War Fort established in 1780 in Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia. Named Fort Grierson after British Lt Colonel James Grierson. Attacked and abandoned in 1781.

Fort Grierson Locale Augusta Fire Department HQ at Eleventh and Reynolds Streets. The marker can be seen on the side of the Building.

History of Fort Grierson

A temporary British stronghold during occupation of Augusta by the British under Colonel Thomas Brown from May 1780 to June 1781. The fort was garrisoned by British Loyalist commanded by Lt Colonel Grierson. The post was located on the Georgia bank of the Savanah River just .7 of a mile west of Fort Cornwallis, the main British fortification in occupied Augusta.

Patriot forces under Richard Henry Lee (Light Horse Harry), General Elijah Clarke, and General Andrew Pickens, converged on the small British fort on 23 May 1781 and after a vigorous attack, Grierson attempted to escape with his garrison along the Savannah River bank to Fort Cornwallis (site of present-day St. Paul`s Church).

Accounts differ widely on what happened when the escapees were discovered. One account says they were offered quarter, refused it and were all slaughtered, another account says 40 were captured and 30 were killed but others reached Fort Cornwallis. Most accounts indicate that Lt Colonel Grierson was killed perhaps just after surrendering. One account indicates that a Captain Alexander shot Grierson for his villainous conduct in the country.

With the capture of Fort Grierson the Patriot focus turned to Fort Cornwallis.

Current Status

Fort Grierson Marker.

No visible remains. A marker is situated on the side of the Augusta Fire Department Headquarters building at Eleventh and Reynolds Streets in Augusta.

Location: Eleventh and Reynolds Streets, Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 33.47878 Long: -81.97015

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  • Elevation: 140'

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