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Fort Griffin (3) (1867–1881) - A U.S. Army post established 31 Jul 1867 by Ltc. Samuel D. Sturgis (Cullum 1303), 6th U.S. Cavalry, and first named Camp Wilson (1) for 2nd Lt. Henry Hamilton Wilson. The post was renamed Fort Griffin in 1868 after Colonel Charles Griffin (Cullum 1353), 35th U.S. Infantry, Commander of the Department of Texas. Abandoned 31 May 1881.

Fort Griffin Restored Bakery Building
Fort Griffin Restored Magazine Building
Fort Griffin Administration Building Ruins


Fort Griffin Replica of Enlisted Barracks Four Man Huts
Fort Griffin Replica of Enlisted Mess Hall

In addition to providing protection for the local area, Fort Griffin served as a jumping-off point for settlers heading west and as supply location for buffalo hunters. The town of Fort Griffin grew up at the base of the post and was known as a very rough and tumble place. As the Indian wars of the 1870s came to a close and the railroad bypassed Fort Griffin, the post was no longer necessary and it was closed on 31 May 1881.

Current Status

Fort Griffin Visitor's Center

The site is now Fort Griffin State Historical Park. The partially restored ruins of Fort Griffin are on a bluff overlooking the old townsite of Fort Griffin and the Clear Fork of the Brazos River Valley. The ruins include a hand-dug well, a mess hall, barracks, a library, a rock chimney, a store, an administration building, a cistern, a hospital, a powder magazine, the foundation of the officers' quarters, the first sergeant's quarters, a restored bakery, and replicas of enlisted men's huts.

Location: North of Albany, Texas on Hwy 283 at the old town of Fort Griffin, Shackelford County, Texas.

Maps & Images

Lat: 32.92720 Long: -99.23227

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  • Elevation: 1,280'

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