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Fort Harris (1861-1862) - A Confederate U.S. Civil War Fort established in 1861 above present day Memphis in Shelby County, Tennessee. Named Fort Harris after Tennessee Governor Isham G. Harris. The fort was abandoned in 1862 when Memphis was occupied by Union forces.


Fort harris was planned and the construction supervised by Captain William Pickett who had raised a company of sappers and miners. The fort was located above the Mississippi River on the third Chickasaw Bluff at the mouth of the Loosahatchie River and built between April and June of 1861. It was built as an earthworks fortification to command the river below with 14 to 16 guns. Fort Harris was abandoned in 1862 just before the Union forces occupied Memphis in June 1862.

Current Status

Site is thought to be underwater at or near the present-day mouth of the Loosahatchie River. A realignment of the Mississipi River over the years and the construction of an airport has made it difficult to pinpoint the location, maybe underwater.

Location: At or near the present day Loosahatchie Bar, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Map point is approximate and not accurate.

Maps & Images

Lat: 35.182319 Long: -90.073554

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  • Elevation: ....'

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