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Fort Hartsuff (1874-1881) - First established in 1874 by Captain Samuel Munson, 9th U.S. Infantry as Post on the North Fork of the Loup River. Named 9 Sep 1874 after Major General George Lucas Hartsuff (Cullum 1554) who died 16 May 1874. Abandoned in 1881.

Fort Hartsuff History

Established 5 Sep 1874 on the North Fork of the Loup River to protect settlers and friendly Pawnee Indians from hostile Teton Sioux Indians. The post was built as an open plan western fort with the living quarters and administrative buildings placed around a central parade. The post was ordered abandoned 13 Apr 1881 after Fort Niobrara was completed in 1880. The buildings were sold to the Union Pacific Railroad for $5,000.

Current Status

Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park. Nine major buildings have survived and have been restored. The original buildings include the Post Headquarters, the Enlisted Barracks, the Officers Quarters, the Commanding Officers Quarters, the Post Hospital, the Quartermaster Storehouse, the Post Bakery, the Quartermaster Stable and the Guardhouse.

Location: Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park, Valley County, Nebraska.

Maps & Images

Lat: 41.723388 Long: -99.023702

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  • Elevation: 2,126'



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