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Fort Haven (1860-1860) - A temporary earthworks established in 1860 during the Pyramid Lake Paiute War by Captain Joseph Stewart, 3rd U.S. Artillery, in present-day Washoe County, Nevada. Named after Major General J. P. Haven, California Militia. Abandoned in 1860 in favor of Fort Churchill (1).

Site of Fort Haven at the South End of Pyramid Lake, the Earthen Banks on the Right Side are the Pyramid Lake Fishway


Temporary earthworks were established about 6 Jun1860 after the second Battle of the Pyramid Lake Paiute War. Captain Joseph Stewart, 3rd U.S. Artillery established the post as one of a number of temporary defenses after the hostile Paiute force withdrew. Abandoned after Fort Churchill (1) was established on 20 Jul 1860 by Captain Stewart.

Current Status

No remains, Washoe County, Nevada

Location: Just north of Nixon along the Truckee River in
Washoe County, Nevada.

Maps & Images

Lat: 39.8583333 Long: -119.4158333

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  • Elevation: 3,822'

GPS Locations:



Fortification ID:

  • NV0047 - Fort Haven

Visited: 21 Mar 2014

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