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Fort Hays (2) (1856-1856) - A Washington Territorial Volunteers fort established in 1856 during the Washington Indian Wars near present-day Buckley, Pierce County, Washington. Named Fort Hays after Major Gilmore Hays, Washington Territorial Volunteers. Abandoned in 1856. Also known as Connell Prairie Blockhouse

History of Fort Hays

Established in 1856 by Washington Territorial Volunteers during the Washington Indian Wars as a two-blockhouse fort at Connell's Prairie. Built near the spot where Lieutenant James McAllister and Michael Connell were killed, starting the conflict between the Indians and the settlers on 27 Oct 1855. Abandoned in 1856.

Current Status

Archeological remains near Buckley, Pierce County, Washington.

Location: Near Buckley, Pierce County, Washington.
Map point is on Connell Prairie, not the fort site.

Maps & Images

Lat: 47.191380 Long: -122.11566

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  • Elevation: 600'

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Fortification ID:

  • WA0171 - Fort Hays (2)
  • WA0119 - Connell Prairie Blockhouse

Visited: No

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