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Fort Hays (4) (1864-1865) - A Union U.S. Civil War Fort established in 1864 near Petersburg, Petersburg City, Virginia. Named Fort Hays after General Alexander Hays who was killed on 5 May 1864 in the Battle of the Wilderness. Abandoned in 1865 at the end of the war. Also known as Fort Alexander Hays.

History of Fort Hays

Fort Hays was constructed along Flank Road between 26 Aug 1864 and September 7 Sep 1864 after Union victories in the Second Battle of Weldon Railroad (Globe Tavern). The fort was built to handle ten field guns and mounted four cannons. Garrisoned by 300 Union troops.

Abandoned at the end of the war in 1865.

Current Status

Part of Petersburg National Battlefield, markers and some remnants of earthworks.

Location: Plank Road, Petersburg, Petersburg City, Virginia.

Maps & Images

Lat: 37.18104 Long: -77.38242

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