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Fort Henry (9) (1756-1759) - A Pennsylvania colonial militia French & Indian War Fort established in 1756 near Bethel, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Abandoned in 1759. Also known as Fort at Dietrich Six's, Captain Christian Busse's Fort or just Busse's Fort.

History of Fort Henry

Established in February 1756 by Captain Christian Busse as a palisaded enclosure for at least one building. This was substantial fort at least partly stone built and well maintained. The fort was reportedly stockaded perhaps in a semi-circle per one description.

The fort was established after hostile Indian raids in October 1755 forced settlers to seek protection at Dietrich Six's farm. A fort was then built across the road from Dietrich's house in early 1756.

The Indian raids terrorized the settlers and forced them to seek shelter at the fort. Some 150 Berks County settlers were killed with many scalped. Women and children were killed or carried off as captives if they could travel. Some were later exchanged but many were never recovered. (see the links below for further descriptions)

A Post return from December 1758 shows the fort to be garrisoned by 17 men. Captain Busse left the service in May 1759 and the fort may have been abandoned by that time.

Current Status

One marker at the junction of Fort Henry Road and Lancaster Avenue (PA 501). A Stone marker near the actual site in front of a house reported to be built with stone from the original fort.

Location: On Fort Henry Road, north of Bethel, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Maps & Images

Lat: 40.50164 Long: -76.32653

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