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Fort Huger (1) (1864-1865) - A Confederate fort established in 1864 during the U.S. Civil War in Baldwin County, Alabama. Abandoned in 1865.


Fort Huger was located at a point of land at the intersection of the Blakeley River and the Apalachee River about two miles above Spanish Fort. The fortification was an earthwork with four bastions facing downriver and open to the north. The purpose was to block Union gunboats from getting upriver above Spanish Fort. Fort Huger was supported by shore batteries on the east bank and Fort Tracy on the west bank and obstructions in both the Blakeley River and the Apalachee River at Fort Huger.

This fort was armed with a total of eleven cannons with two 10" Columbiad cannons mounted on a 25' bombproof in the center of the fort. The fortification was garrisoned by Louisiana troops and Mississippi artillerymen. This post participated in the battle for both Spanish Fort and Fort Blakeley. After both of these fortifications fell, the need for Fort Huger and Fort Tracy ended and they were evacuated and blown up on 11 Apr 1865, two days after General Lee surrendered at Appomattox.

U.S. Civil War Spanish Fort Plan and Engagement Map

Current Status

Baldwin County, Alabama.

Location: Baldwin County, Alabama.

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Lat: 30.6971578 Long: -87.9359007

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