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Fort Hughes (1) (1817-1817) - A temporary U.S. Army post established in 1817 by Captain John M. McIntosh, 7th U.S. Infantry, in present day Bainbridge, Decatur County, Georgia. Named for bugler Aaron Hughes, 7th U.S. Infantry, who was killed at the battle of Fowltown on 23 Nov 1817. Abandoned after 4 or 5 days.

Oak Trees at the Site Fort Hughes in J.D. Chason Park
Marker at the Site of Fort Hughes
Fort Hughes State Marker


Established 24 Nov 1817 as a temporary fortification after the battle of Fowlstown on 22-23 Nov 1817 by the 7th U.S. Infantry. The battle of Fowltown is sometimes identified as the start of the First Seminole War. The post was abandoned after four or five days.

Current Status

Fort Scott Memorial Cannon at the Site of Fort Hughes

Part of Chason City Park, Decatur County, Georgia. A state marker is located on the North side of Highway 27 and North Crawford Street. Chason City Park contains the site of the fort and two upright cannons that once were located at the site of Fort Scott (3).

Location: Chason City Park, Decatur County, Georgia.

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Lat: 30.90811 Long: -84.57880

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