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Fort Keyser (1740s-1777) - A French & Indian War settler fort established in 1740s near Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, New York. Abandoned as a fortification in 1777.

History of Fort Keyser

Established in 1740s by Johannes Keyser for settler protection during the French & Indian War. Built as a loopholed 20' by 40' stone house, minimally fortified.

During the Revolutionary War, the house was strongly fortified and served as a refuge for local settlers. Abandoned as a fortification when the much larger Fort Paris was built nearby in early 1777.

The house was dismantled in the 1840's.

Current Status

Some remains of the foundation may still exist. Location from Roberts is "...about a quarter of a mile east of the junction of S.R. 10 and C.R. 43 (Dillenbeck Road)." Map point is approximate based on the Roberts desciption.

Location: Near Stone Arabia, Montgomery County, New York.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.92979 Long: -74.54674

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  • Elevation: 800'

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