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Fort King (1827-1829, 1832-1843) - A U.S. Army post established in 1827 by Captain James M. Glassell and two companies of the 4th U.S. Infantry, in present-day Ocala, Marion County, Florida. Named for Colonel William King, U.S. Army officer, who was military governor of West Florida (1818-1819). Abandoned in 1829 and regarrisoned in 1832, finally abandoned in 1843. Also known as Cantonment King or Camp King (1).

Fort King Replica Exterior.
Fort King Replica Interior.
Reenactors at the Fort King Replica on 2 Dec 2019, photo by Luis Ayala.


Reenactor at the Fort King Replica, photo by Luis Ayala.

Established adjacent to a Seminole Indian Agency and first garrisoned in February 1827 by Captain James M. Glassell and two companies of the 4th U.S. Infantry. The post was built as a log stockade with a 14' square blockhouse in one angle. A 50' by 25' barracks housed the enlisted troops and two separate 20' by 50' buildings housed the officers. A mess hall and powder magazine were also in the compound. The fort was abandoned 1 Jul 1829 but reoccupied on 18 Jul 1832 by 1st Lt. William M. Graham (Cullum 164) and Company D, 4th U.S. Infantry from Fort Brooke.

Osceola's Tomb in Fort Moultrie, South Carolina.

On 28 Dec 1835, Seminole Indians led by Osceola attacked and killed the Indian agent General Wiley Thompson and six others in his party outside the Fort King stockade. Thompson was shot 14 times and scalped. The Dade massacre of the relief column coming to Fort King from Fort Brooke took place on the very same day. These two events signaled the beginning of the Second Seminole War. Osceola was captured under a false flag of truce in July 1837 and imprisoned at Fort Moultrie, South Carolina, where he died on 30 Jan 1838.

Fort King was abandoned in favor of Fort Drane in May 1836 and the Indians burned it to the ground two months later. The post was regarrisoned and rebuilt 25 Apr 1837 by Bvt. Major Thomas Childs (Cullum 97), 3rd U.S. Artillery and a force of 136 officers and men. The war continued until 1842 and the post was finally abandoned and the garrison was withdrawn on 25 Mar 1843.

Fort King Reenactment Site 2 Dec 2019, photo by Luis Ayala.

Current Status

Fort King Roadside Marker.

A National Historic Landmark mostly under city and county ownership. Marker and a monument in Ocala, Marion County, Florida. The Fort King compound has been recreated and the site is open to the public. Archeological site ID: 8MR60.

Location: Ocala, Marion County, Florida.

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Lat: 29.18718 Long: -82.08288

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  • Elevation: 131'

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Visited: 19 Aug 2021

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