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Fort Koshkonong (1832-1832) - Established in 1832 by General Henry Atkinson during the Black Hawk War. Abandoned in 1832 after the end of the war. Also known as Fort Atkinson.


Established by General Atkinson in July 1832 on the east bank of the Rock River near the present day city of Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. Fort Atkinson was a stockaded work flanked by four blockhouse. The palisade was built with eight foot oak logs. The post was abandoned after General Atkinson defeated Black Hawk on 2 Aug 1832 at the Battle of Bad Axe. Settlers populated the site starting in 1836 and they used materials from the abandoned fort to establish their community.

Current Status

WPA 1930s replica at Rock River City Park and a 1908 DAR memorial at the original site.

Location: Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

Maps & Images

Lat: 42.926944 Long: -88.831111

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  • Elevation: 794'

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